Boy and His Bow
I needed to create a video that I could dub audio to, each student needed a simple story, and I created this minute long Boy and his Bow.
This was a project where I had to use Foley skills as well but with a twist. I took take sound effects and used them to help with the creation of a visual video.   
This is a bumper for a production company. This was a project where I had to use Foley skills once again. I took one sound effect, which is the wolf and added that effect. This project shows my ability to use after effects and add to time line.   
A Video I created to show the Primed 5x 7 soccer goal tranner. This video shows easy it is to put together and how it can effective and fun it can be for kids to young adults to usethis VIdeo shows my skills in camera positioning angels I use in placing the actors and camers as well as color correction and motion graphics.